Actively Engaged Democracy, or AEDem for short, is a nationwide federated website network that offers free interconnected websites to all types of organizations and candidates for elected office across the country.  This online organizing platform will promote community building, honest debate, and encourage engagement in the political process to ensure that our voices are heard concerning the issues that affect us.  Every candidate, political party, grassroots organization, and many more have the opportunity to become of this community as well as those at every level of government from the federal level down to the individual precincts.  The elimination of barriers to entry means that people and the issues that they care most about will become a more powerful voice over those of the rich, powerful, and political party insiders. 

  At AEDem's district level, visitors can find information about candidates for federal and state offices, political parties, organizations operating within a district, and much more.  In other words, visitors will be able to find any Congressional or State Legislative district in any state. In addition, visitors will also be able to quickly search for similar information on the state level down to the precincts.  Additional features will be added to the network in the coming months so stay tuned!